Professional manufacturer of Cable Management System and Raised Flooring System has gained its reputation in the industrial and construction field and are trusted by reputable companies, resulting in continuous growth and expansion of the company.

New Product Introduced

Altair QA Series 01 - is a cementitious filled steel multi-channel cable management system. It is height adjustable from 35mm to 150mm, or 1.4 to 5.9 inches.....Read More

Altair QA Series 02 - is a cementitious filled steel multi-channel cable management system. It is height adjustable from 35mm to 150mm, or 1.4 to 5.9 inches......Read More


A comprehensive system for new buildings & a renovation solution

Altair has specialised in the engineering, manufacture and sale of access floors. Altair currently boasts an enviable place alongside the business’s world leaders and exports its products worldwide. Altair access floors finds its most suitable application in those buildings that house activities that are served by complex electric, electronic, hydraulic and air conditioning subsystems. In such surroundings, access floors not only enable an unbeatable functional and efficient layout, but can also be adapted in no time to fit in which changes dictated by the unrelenting technological evolution of systems used or continually transforming work organisation requirements.

The Future of Building Construction
Raised Access Floor System Building on a successful and innovative past, ALTAIR has developed raised flooring systems which is adapted to the demands of today’s rapidly changing work environment. Designed for the workplace of the information age, with advanced communications, for tomorrow and beyond. Altair Raised Floor System completely integrates the technological requirements of occupant health and comfort, and environmental efficiencies into one cost-effective ultimately flexible system.For the boardroom to the classroom, and all applications in between, ALTAIR’s new Raised flooring systems just makes sense. 

Markets Served
High rise office developments,IT Rooms and call centers are the main market for raised access floors. The two manufacturing plants, in Mainland China, and a large number of sales offices enable Altair to efficiently serve the worldwide market the modern office environment is constantly evolving and in order to compete in the global marketplace, changes and churn rates are increasingly high. Buildings need to be safely adaptable with minimum disruption. Adapting to constant change requires buildings designed not only for today, but for the future. Altair provides a fully accessible interstitial space to house critical services such as power, voice, data, heating, ventilation and cooling systems. Fully integrating with building design and internal architecture, Altair facilitates quicker occupancy compared to traditional service distribution systems. Read More